Branching Out – Michael Bergum and Marketplace Home Mortgage

michael-bergum-marketplace-home-mortgageMarketplace Home Mortgage is the most outstanding lender in the State of Minnesota. With the Stillwater branch lead by Branch Manager Michael Bergum, the organization has succeeded in gaining the trust and faith of their clients for the past 17 years. Despite the company’s extraordinary reputation, Marketplace Home Mortgage continues to find innovative ways to cater to the personal home financing needs of every client including individuals, builders, and real estate professionals.

Michael Bergum manages an experienced, trained, and compassionate staff of lending professionals with each team member contributing a different aspect of service including processing conventional and refinance loans, construction loans, as well as processing and underwriting. This professional yet personalized service ensures every client receives a positive experience and successfully receives home financing.

Branch Manager Michael Bergum is committed that every team member under his management – as well as himself – adheres to the highest standards of service, honesty, and transparency, ensuring Marketplace Home Mortgage is able to successfully match the proper lending programs available for every unique client need.

Home financing requires more than just obtaining money to finance your home. The right loan option should also include the most favorable interest rates, costs, and terms that work for each individual client. Since each client is unique in their financing needs, Michael Bergum and his expert team at Marketplace Home Mortgage ensures the best lending option for each client. Throughout the entire application process, the lending staff ensure proactive communication while ensuring clients are well informed on their financing options and alternatives, allowing each client to make the best decision that fits their needs. This process is in line with the company’s value of transparency.

With the recent launch of Marketplace Home Mortgage’s online services, clients have the option at their convenience to review loan programs and lending options with the opportunity to ask questions and engage Marketplace Home Mortgage with any inquiries.