Steps for a Safe and Hassle-Free Winter Move

michael bergum home winter move

In many areas, the real estate market tends to slow down during the colder months making Winter a great time to become a homeowner. A downside to buying in the Winter though is having to move in unfavorable weather conditions but during the cold season you could get a great deal with fewer buyers to compete with. Considering all things, moving in the winter can require a little more effort but well thought out preparations and the right strategies will go a long way in ensuring your move will go as hassle free as possible and you will be ready to cozy up in your new home before the spring housing craze even hits.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

With Winter having fewer daylight hours, preparing early in the day can help you get settled or on your way before it gets too dark and also makes it easier to check what items go in what part of the house easier. That way even if you don’t get everything settled in one go, there will be lesser things to move and arrange for the next day.

Part of a successful move is to make sure there are lesser obstacles when moving in your things. All walkways and paths should be cleared of snow and debris prior to your big move. Shovel all areas that will be trafficked and thoroughly salt any steps or walkways and to keep extra salt near key areas to be used as necessary throughout the day and to ensure slipping accidents and injuries will be avoided. If budget allows it would be also best to hire someone to do snow removal at your new home and to keep packed salt and a shovel in an easily accessible place.

Wearing suitable clothing that allows you to freely move yet keep you warm and cozy is a must. Layered clothing helps you regulate your body temperature throughout the day. Slip-resistant footwear and winter gear such as hats, gloves, and scarves should be easily accessible and not packed.

Whether moving out of an old house or moving into your new home in the winter, you run the risk of wet shoes going in and out of the house. Taping down carpet scraps, heavy cardboard or plastic sheeting in major walkways will help protect your flooring and save you expensive cleanups and repairs in the future.

Before actual moving day, make sure that all of your utilities are set up and working properly. This includes checking for broken wirings, frozen pipes and heating source if any. Setting up your heating in advance also helps make the house comfortable when you arrive.

A little planning ahead goes a long way to ensure that you will have a safe and hassle-free winter move and you can already get settled to enjoy the rest of the season adding the final touches to your new home.